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We understand each patient case is as unique as your own fingerprint – patients with similar injuries may respond to care differently due to differences in activity levels, specialized sports training, work or home environments as well as patient compliance. We are proud to offer a wide-range of manual therapy options to create tailored treatment plans based on your needs.

After a consultation, history and thorough exam, your Doctor will create a tailored treatment plan specifically for you using a combination of the following tools.

Chiropractic Adjustments
Common conditions we treat that benefit from this therapy:

Chiropractic adjustments are an important part in rehabilitative care for most individuals experiencing pain, joint stiffness/tightness or loss of range of motion.

What is it?

Our physicians utilize the biomechanically superior adjustments from the Motion Palpation Institute. These adjustments are the most effective tool in addressing restricted joints. Improper joint movement will interfere with the overall movement quality of the body and can lead to pain and/or tissue damage.

How does it work?

Chiropractic adjustments safely and effectively restore motion to restricted joint and normalize the movement body as a whole. Adjusting involves placing the body into a safe position to encourage the desired movement and applying a quick, specific push or pull. These adjustments are very effective at alleviating pain and improving athletic performance.

Soft Tissue Treatment
Common conditions we treat that benefit from this therapy:

Headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, shoulder pain, sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, knee problems, and tennis elbow just a few of the many conditions that can be resolved quickly with a combination of the soft tissue techniques employed by Dr. Holland.

What is it?

Soft tissue therapies are designed to rid injured areas of scar tissue. We usually think of scar tissue as only being seen after an injury to the skin, however our body uses scar tissue extensively in the way that tar patch repairs are added to fix small cracks in the road. When muscles or other tissues are overstressed or injured, our bodies use scar tissue as a patch repair. This is a natural part of the healing process, however if the cause of the injury is not alleviated properly the muscle will accumulate too much scar tissue and then become a problem. This is similar to when a road has been overly patched and becomes unsmooth.

How does it work?

At Optimal Health Chiropractic Center we have three different soft tissue therapies: ART (Active Release Technique and Myofascial Release) ART is not a massage, which is useful for decreasing muscle tension. Instead, the intent is to “resurface the road.” This technique works out the scar tissue and helps the muscle heal normally with long-lasting results. Graston and IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation) Graston is similar to ART, but with the use of a tool to work out the scar tissue to promote healthy healing of the muscle. FAKTR (Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab) FAKTR involves treating soft tissue / fascial disorders through the use of instruments by treating the kinetic chain while using various forms of rehabilitation at the same time. This may include a combination of the above soft tissue therapies while the patient is performing movement patterns or other rehabilitative movement. It is important to state that pain, numbness, or other symptoms may not resolve if the scar tissue is not broken up properly.

Rehabilitative Exercise Protocols
What is it?

Research has shown that patients with pain improve faster with properly prescribed exercises directed at correcting the mechanical cause of pain. When applicable, Dr. Holland will develop an individual exercise protocol specifically designed for you based on your injury and the activity/sport you wish to return to. Scientific studies also show that exercise is the most effective when combined with manual therapy (adjustments, soft tissue treatment, dry needling, etc.)

TMJ Treatment Protocols
Common conditions we treat that benefit from this therapy:

Tension headaches, migraines, clinching, jaw pain, ear pain, neck pain, pain behind the eye and jaw popping.

What is it?

1/3 of neck pain has the TMJ as the root cause and will not be resolved without effective treatment of the jaw.

How does it work?

Addressing key muscle imbalances in the jaw and neck, as well as patient education are keys in treating this condition. Dr. Holland is highly trained in the evaluation and treatment of the TMJ by many of the leading rehabilitation specialists and researchers on TMJ dysfunction (TMD). Some cases may require co-management by being fit in a dentist’s office for splint or bite guard. OHCC prides itself on working with other physicians when indicated to achieve the best care for our patients.

Trigger Point Dry Needling / Medical Acupuncture
Common conditions we treat that benefit from this therapy:

Headaches, Migraines, Back Pain, Hip Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Musculoskeletal Pain not responding to other soft tissue therapies or patient who wish to recover or return to sports as quick as possible.

What is a Trigger Point?

A trigger point is a localized area (palpable nodule) of extreme tenderness found within a muscle. The area of tenderness is caused by a heightened state of muscle activity that results in a small sustained muscle contraction. After a prolonged period of time, a taut band develops that will not relax volitionally. Trigger points are referred to as “active” when they cause noticeable pain without provocation, while “latent” trigger points elicit pain only when manipulated by the therapist.

How does it work?

Dry needling involves solid filament needles (similar to those used in acupuncture), which are placed into the trigger point to produce a local twitch response (LTR). The needles are very thin and rarely felt entering the skin. The LTR is therapeutically essential for treatment, because it is followed by a period of reflexive relaxation of the muscle. When a person experiences a LTR, they will often feel a cramping sensation or discomfort in the referral pattern of the muscle lasting a few seconds. Studies have also shown that when the increased tension in a trigger point is resolved, other trigger points within the pain referral zone may resolve as well.

To learn more about Dry Needling and Kinetacore, click here.

FMS Testing (Functional Movement Screen)
What is it?

Briefly think about the last time you went to the doctor. Do you remember having your blood pressure taken? Blood pressure is taken every visit to your doctor because it is a proven quick and effective screen for monitoring your current cardiovascular health. Excitedly the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a proven quick and effective screen for your current musculoskeletal health!

The FMS helps us identify dangerous movement patters so that they can be addressed. It also indicates an individual’s readiness to perform exercise so that realistic goals can be set and achieved with decreased risk of injury/reinjury. The FMS can be applied at any health or fitness level as well as provide a functional baseline to mark progress and provide a means to measure performance.

The FMS has proven to be an accurate predictor of future injury in the National Football League (NFL), USA Track and Field, and United States Military. The FMS is being used by many organizations as a gauge for training volumes and sports performance. The FMS holding up on the highest levels of human performance translates amazingly well to the rest of us who want to remain healthy during every day activities as well as exercise.

Pain During Pregnancy - Musculoskeletal Management
Who can benefit from this therapy?

Women who are currently pregnant or women who have experienced pain during a previous pregnancy (This is the number one predictor of pain in a future pregnancy)

What is it?

Musculoskeletal and Obstetric Management is a treatment protocol aimed at preventing or reducing pain during pregnancy. Early intervention is key for the most success (first and second trimester) however many cases of pain during pregnancy can be successfully managed by Dr. Holland during any stage of pregnancy.

How does it work?

Dr. Holland has been certified by Drs. Clayton Skaggs and James George who have been leaders of the largest medical study on musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy in conjunction with Washington University Medical Center. This management protocol uses a proven combination of stabilization exercises and manual therapy in addition to patient education.

  • In the MOM-study, a team of researchers set out to understand what types of treatments best benefit pregnant women and help reduce their levels of pain. The study, “A randomized controlled trial comparing a multimodal intervention and standard obstetrics care for low back and pelvic pain in pregnancy,” was published in October 2012 in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology. The study showed that women who received care based on the MOM protocol had significantly lower pain scores following their treatments. The women who only received standard obstetric care did not show significant improvements in their lower back and pelvic pain.

  • The results of this study suggest that a multimodal approach – one that combines musculoskeletal care with obstetric care—can be helpful in treating lower back and pelvic pain in pregnant women.

Talk to your healthcare professional or contact us for a consultation or exam about the safest and most effective treatment options for alleviating your back pain during pregnancy. As the MOM study shows, complementary and alternative treatments, like that employed by Dr. Holland have been proven helpful.

Common conditions we treat that benefit from this therapy:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome or Other Nerve Entrapment Problems – Symptoms of nerve entrapments range from numbness/tingling in the hands or feet to shooting pain in the arms or legs.

What is it?

Neuromobilization techniques involves the treatment of nerves in and down the arms and legs. By assisting the patient performing certain prescribed motions will encourage proper nerve function and thereby decrease symptoms.

TPI Titleist Performance Medical Care
Common conditions we treat that benefit from this therapy:

Any musculoskeletal pain experienced before, during or after playing golf or for patients looking to gain a competitive advantage.

What is it?

The Titleist Performance Institute is the world’s leading authority in golf health, fitness, junior development, biomechanics, and coaching education.

How does it work?

Dr. Dan Holland is your local TPI Certified Medical Professional. By utilizing the tools from the TPI Program as well as the tools available as a chiropractic physician, Dr. Holland possesses the unique ability to perform a golf-specific physical examination, and create a treatment plan or exercise routine to improve a golfer’s overall performance. If you are looking to take your golf game to the next level, make sure a TPI Certified professional is part of your team.

Ergonomic Consultation

Many workplace injuries are a result of cumulative trauma disorders (CTD). CTDs are injuries that occur not from one specific incident, but rather from improperly performing a set of movements repetitively (such as typing or controlling a mouse). Our physicians will evaluate the workplace and suggest changes that may assist in minimizing this type of injury. Using a combination of the therapies available, our physicians ares also able to effectively treat workers suffering from these disorders.

Symptoms of CTDs vary based on the type of work environment the worker is subjected to. For instance, workers who regularly sit at a desk may experience neck pain, shoulder pain or headaches due to improper placement of the workstation, mouse and/or monitor. Similarly, workers who lift heavy objects may experience back pain due to improper lifting techniques.

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