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When I came in to see Dr. Dan I was suffering from severe back pain. I am a bodybuilder and work-out nearly every day. The back pain was completely interfering and limiting what I could do in the gym. I was getting so frustrated and decided to give chiropractic a try. After only 4 weeks of care I am nearly 100% better. Dr. Dan not only got me feeling better, he explained some things I was doing in the gym that was making my back pain worse. He showed me some exercises and proper form in lifting that will prevent my back pain from coming back. Yesterday was the first time my back has not hurt me at all in the gym and I can’t explain how great that is. Thanks so much.

Low Back Pain

  • I had been in pain 4 years with a herniated disk. Another Chiropractic Center did more damage than good. My first appt. and I recommend this place. I feel better than I have in a long time. Dr. Holland was great! Thank you Optimal Health!
  • Saw Dr. Holland and he was amazing and informative. I will recommend this place to anyone.
  • I love the results that I have received!! Dr. Melissa and Dr. Dan Holland are Great!! They have helped me with my posture (considerably) and have totally relieved the stiffness in my back and neck. Both Dr. Melissa and Dr. Dan Holland have great bedside manners and they really really care. In addition to the great chiropractic care that I received they also prescribed exercises for me to do, not easy ones, but well worth the results!!! I highly recommend Dr. Melissa and Dr. Dan Holland at Optimal Health Chiropractic for all your Chiropractic needs.!!
    C. Phillips
  • I went to my first chiropractor several years ago, that doctor was amazing and he set the bar pretty high for all others, making me a very picky individual. I went to Dr. Melissa and Dr. Dan without any word of mouth, just by my insurance telling me that they were close by. I figured that I would take a chance and meet with them the first time, just to get a feel for the practice. What I got when I arrived was way more than I bargained for. I found two very loving and caring doctors with untold passion. I found a staff with an ability to care for their patients far deeper than I had ever seen. I work with massage therapists, and I recommend the doctors on a daily basis, and I will continue to do so. With their passion for their patients and their commitment to learning new techniques, I would be hard pressed to ever stop going to see them as long as I lived in Middle Tennessee. A+++!!
    B. Mac

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When I came to Dr. Dan’s office, I could not even shampoo my hair without severe pain. Sleep was near impossible and the feeling of ants in my wrist about knocked me over the edge of sanity. In less than a month, the ants were gone and by the end of the third month, I had more mobility in my neck and shoulders than before the accident and most importantly, I was PAIN FREE. Their drug free approach and sincere personal care I received has solidified my loyalty and I highly recommend their practice to everyone. Dr. Dan Rocks!


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Just wanted to tell you both how very much that I appreciate your help. I had tried so many things and was just about to believe that surgery was the only option for my back. However, after a few trips to you all I now that I am on the road to recovery. I was to the point that normal everyday activities were a real chore, sometimes near impossible. I had almost constant pain. Thanks to the two of you I am now able to move freely and perform my daily routines. I feel that I am getting my life back now and that is definitely thanks to you and God. I can never thank you all enough! Keep up the good work that you all are doing in helping others, you two have a gift from God I believe.


Low Back Pain

  • The staff is wonderful. Dr. Dan and Melissa Holland are both very skilled. Dr. Melissa is simply amazing with children as well as adults. She is very knowledgeable. Always extremely willing to answer any and all questions that I have as well as offer advice and tips.
  • Dr. Melissa and Dr. Dan are wholly committed to their patients and make themselves available at all times (and always with a warm smile and cheerful attitude). Their knowledge is truly remarkable – and their treatments work wonders! Could not recommend more highly!
  • I have seen several chiropractors in my lifetime, but never one that spends as much time and provides as much personal attention as Dr. Dan Holland. From the first appointment, he viewed me as a whole person, thoroughly reviewing my entire medical history, even encouraging me to have some testing completed by my PCP which uncovered some deficiencies that required attention. Dr. Dan explains every step he’s taking to improve my spine health and why, and provides exercises I can do at home to help support and maximize his in-office care. And he is this way with ALL of his patients. Kara and Wendy in his office have been very helpful, friendly and responsive, as well. Thank you all, your hard work is appreciated!!
    Bryna B.
  • I love Dr. Dan and loved Dr. Melissa (no longer in practice) who both, together, gave me back normalcy! Literally! They care and they spend time with you! Love these guys! I travel a good hour to him and he always gets me together!
    D. Hood
  • The entire team at Optimal Health is wonderful! From Drs. Dan & Melissa Holland to Callie & Lacey, assistant and front desk. Knowledgeable, caring, enthusiastic, helpful. I would (and have) recommend them to anyone. They are more than just doctors….they are friends who care about helping you achieve your best health, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • You won’t find a staff more dedicated to overall health and wellbeing. Dr. Dan and Dr. Melissa are professional/highly qualified, yet also down-to-earth and approachable. You will not only feel better physically, but will also leave mentally refreshed and energized – a testament to their positive attitudes, genuine concern, and faith in what they’re doing. The classy decor doesn’t hurt either! You won’t feel like you’re in a doctor’s office!
    Highly recommend!
  • Drs. Melissa and Dan are part of an amazing team that will go above and beyond what any other chiro has done before. From being part of a complete fibromyalgia 180 with my mom, to bringing an awesome range of motion back to me, I can personally say that there is not a single challenge too great for this office. As a matter of fact, if you are a challenging case (my hand is raised here), they will go to the ends of the Earth to help resolve it. Dr. Melissa is brilliant, inquisitive, and an absolute joy. Dr. Dan is precise, analytical, and excellent at distraction (for those of us who can be… challenging… to adjust). The rest of the staff is warm and funny, and always make me feel welcome and looked after from the moment I step in the door. Hands down – Optimal Health is one of the BEST in the field.
  • I had been struggling with Vertigo for over 3 months. I went to my regular Dr. they tried to help, after a few weeks they sent me to a ENT had CT scan 2 times which cured a sinus infection but still no help. Next a MRI all was normal, the next was to Vanderbilt to the Balance and Inner Ear center for 2 HOURS of test that was terrible, guess what all normal. I was still as dizzy as the beginning after all of these test and several thousand dollars poorer. Well one day I had a sore neck so I decided to treat myself to a trip to the chiropractor for some relief. WOW did I get it, after telling them my history, they have and are still treating me, but my Vertigo is 90% gone, only coming around for a few minutes a day. It used to be I only had a few minutes a month it was gone. The Doc are great, know their stuff, and the staff is great and flexible with my schedule. I plan to go every week on Friday the rest of my life as is makes for a good weekend!!
  • I have tried other chiropractors and even though he’s not in my insurance network, I have come back to Dr Dan. He listens closely, explains fully, treats carefully, and follows up attentively. My hip pain was better in twenty-four hours and continues to diminish thanks to his treatment and the exercises he advises me to do. My only wish is that I had come to him sooner.

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